DIY fly fishing equipment rentals

As an Orvis endorsed guide service we offer quality orvis equipment for rent for the Do It Yourselfers. We also offer other rods and reels if you have a personal preference. A full rental package consists of:  flyrod, waders or wet wade socks, rubbersoled studded eco-friendly boots, and a fully stocked lanyard. All you need to buy is your selection of flies which our expert guides will recommend depending on which waters you intend to fish. The full package runs $50 per day with multiple day discounts. If you only need certain equipment the following is a breakdown of prices.

Flyrod and Reel $25
Waders and Boots $25
Wetwade Socks and Boots $10
Stocked Lanyard $10
Rental Package $50


(Flyrod and reel, waders and boots, stocked lanyard)

A deposit is required with all rentals and is returned when the equipment is returned in the same condition it was rented out to you. Replacement fees will be charged for damaged equipment so please treat it like it was your own!

Call us for details