Frequently Asked Questions

The most important question to start with is what can we do for you? Tell your guide if your interested in entomology, casting techniques, reading water, going for big fish or numbers. Do you want to fish hard or take a relaxing day on the water. Do you want to learn the different fly patterns and what they represent or just catch fish. The more you communicate before you get to the water the better we can be for you on the water. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Everyone has different goals on the water; The more we can communicate, the more we can help you reach yours.

What does the cost of the trip include?

Trip includes professional guide, transportation from the shop to the water and back, sandwich style lunch with drinks on full day trips (preference order can be made in advance), flies, tippet, leaders, and all terminal tackle for the day. You can expect your guide to be knowledgeable and willing to share and teach what they know. A good guide can make a poor day memorable and a bad guide can ruin a great fishing day. Let me know immediately if you have a problem with your guide. Fly rods, waders, boots, jackets, and other gear are available for rent, but not included in the trip price. Also not included are fishing licenses and guide gratuities.

Where and when do we meet on trip day?

Most trips start and end at the shop at 309 E. Main street , located in the Downtown Mercantile Building northeast corner of Townsend and Main. As all fly fishing trips are custom, start and end times may vary. Let us know what we can do to accommodate your schedule. Rafting trips leave at noon and you should arrive 30 minutes early for paperwork. Check the maplink on this website or exact locations. All overnight trips will have a special itinerary that will be emailed before your arrival.

What is our reservation and cancellation policy?

There is a 50% deposit required on all trips to secure the dates you want. The final 50% will be charged 1 week prior to your trip unless other arrangements are made. You can do this easily on the on line booking section of this website. No refunds are guaranteed 1 month prior to your trip. Our guides and company work hard to book dates and it can get expensive to cancel after passing up other work. We will do everything possible to rebook for you if possible. Gunnison Gorge trips need 90 days as permit dates are even harder to fill last minute. If this makes you nervous you can purchase trip insurance for your piece of mind. Al though this is our policy we will do everything we can to help if your plans unexpectedly change. We do not cancel trips for weather unless your guide agrees to it as guides only get paid when they work and besides sometimes the best fishing is in the worst weather.

What is an appropriate tip for my guide?

Tough question with no right or wrong answer. Guiding is a service industry and as such 20% is standard with better service more and bad service less. It’ s fine to tip in cash or use your credit card at the end of the day. Please remember a tip is a good part of a guides paycheck, but never feel you have to tip. Any guide knows a good tip is earned and not a given for showing up. Any problems with your guide let me know Tim Kenney, CEO so you don’t have to deal with an uncomfortable situation.

How many anglers per guide?

Maximum is 3 anglers per guide so you may find another angler added to your trip. If you want only your party with a guide please mention when making reservations.

What gear should I bring?

Here at Montrose Anglers we offer a variety of trips for a variety of game. Basic summer gear still requires fleece, water bottle, polarized sunglasses, hat, sun screen, sporting gear, etc. When you book your trip we will email you a very specific gear list for the trip you’ll be going on. For daily rafting trips bring water bottle, sunscreen, raincoat if the weather is iffy, be sure to either bring good river sandles or tennis shoes. You need to have safe footwear and glasses. No flip-flops etc will be authorized as they can fall off and become river garbage. We can rent appropriate footwear, etc., as we all want to keep our river corridors clean.