We are located in GMU 65. The West Cimmaron deer and elk herds migrate down in October/November and winter in the river valley. They move up and down the corridor bedding in the alders along the river during the day and coming out to feed in the surrounding fields in the evening and returning to the alders after first light.

The game density is very high during the hunting seasons and I have counted up to 75 deer and 40 bull elk at a time in my fields. During our hunting seasons the bulls are back in bachelor groups again and for some reason known only to the elk we seldom get any cow elk here.

The deer hunting is phenomenal with new bucks moving in daily as the migration peaks.

According to Peterson Hunting Journal in their December 2008/January 2009 issue (pg. 14) Montrose county ranks 7th in North America for record book mulies. You can see the caliber of bucks we harvest here in the pictures.  This is a ‘farmland’ hunt where we hunt from stands early in the morning and evening looking to catch the animals moving to and from their bedding areas.  During mid-day is a time to catch a nap, go fly fishing, or bird hunting before getting back out to the stands for the evening.  This style of hunting offers an excellent opportunity for someone who is not physically able to chase game in the high country to harvest a trophy animal.  For those of you who want the high country, we can make arrangements for that as well.

Big game hunts through Montrose Anglers are extremely limited and must be made well in advance. Please contact us accordingly and we can discuss details. The CDOW hunting regulations can be reached at and applications must be in by the first of April.

We also offer guided waterfowl and pheasant hunts which can be combined with winter fly fishing.